NGO official lauds McAlester Energy Resources for ceasing operations in Uganda following human rights concerns

Author: Doris Atwijukire, in New Vision(Uganda), Published on: 22 February 2015

"Rights of local communities in the oil region should be respected"

Recently, U.S based oil waste management firm, McAlester Energy Resources limited, ceased its operations from Uganda. This comes after the company   has been involved in a land deal that left over 200 families homeless...As Ugandans, we appreciate the company’s decision to withdraw from this land deal that involved gruesome human rights violations. The Rwamutonga people were ruthlessly evicted from their land and their houses were destroyed...McAlester Energy Resources Limited’s decision should be a lesson to government and all companies involved in the oil and gas sector. They should ensure protection and respect for community social economic need and rights in every infrastructural development.




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