NGOs and activists exposing businesses’ negative human rights impacts increasingly vulnerable to persecution, says analyst

Author: Mandeep. S. Tiwana, CIVICUS, in IPS (Inter Press Service), Published on: 11 June 2015

'Opinion: why are threats to civic space growing across the world?', 11 Jun 2015:...In recent years, there has been a perceptible rise in restrictions on…the fundamental freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly…[D]angers to civic freedoms come not just from state apparatuses but also from powerful non-state actors including influential business entities…[C]ivil society groups exposing corruption and/or environmental degradation by…businesses are extremely vulnerable to persecution due to the tight overlap and cosy relationships among elites…labour, land and environmental rights activists are [also] facing heightened challenges. At least 29 environmental activists were reported murdered in Brazil in 2014…[while] efforts of Greenpeace India to protect forests from the activities of extractive industries have led it to be subjected to various forms of bureaucratic harassment…

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