Nicaragua: Human Rights & Business Country Guide; issues include human rights defenders & afro descendent & indigenous peoples´ rights

Author: Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) & the Nicaraguan Union for Corporate Social Responsibility Union (UNIRSE), Published on: 10 October 2016

“Human Rights and Business Country Guide”, 1 Oct 16

…The completed Country Guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview, on the basis of the information available, of the ways in which companies doormay impact human rights in Nicaragua. It is intended to be the basis, and the beginning, of a process of dissemination, uptake and modification…[O]bstacles to their activities [human rights defenders] included threats, harassment, physical aggressions, criminalisation…Infrastructure projects as well as those for the exploitation of natural resources negatively impacted on indigenous people’s rights to their ancestral territories, including the expansion of the agriculture  frontier; cattle ranching, logging, mining, and hydroelectric dams…According to a 2015 Humboldt Centre study, laws that apply to the oil and gas, and mining sectors contained gaps in terms of access to information and public accountability, especially the lack of penalties for not disclosing information…

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