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1 May 2013

[DOC] Invitation: "The commercialisation of childhood in the USA: what is the current situation, to what extent is it harmful for children, what needs to be done and what are the lessons for the European Union?" [Brussels, 4 Jun]

Author: Working Group on the Quality of Childhood at the European Parliament, Alliance for Childhood European Network Group Susan Linn, Founder and Director of the 'Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood'... [E]vidence is mounting that marketing is a factor in many public health and social problems facing children today. Marketing to children is so...

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12 February 2008

Disney case highlights China supply chain pitfalls

Author: John Ruwitch, Reuters

Huang Renzhong...explained how creating Disney figurines during 15-hour work days in a grim factory led to a $90,000 lawsuit...Workers were threatened with the sack if they paused, even to help someone who'd fainted, Huang said. They...slept 12 to a...

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20 June 2007

A Lesson That Thomas Could Teach

Author: David Leonhardt, The New York Times

...As you have probably heard by now, the toy [Thomas] trains are manufactured in China, and one of the factories that makes them has been using lead paint for the last couple of years...[This] is about the realities of offshoring…Secrecy…keeps...

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15 November 2001

Nickelodeon Asked to Honor Codes of Conduct Prohibiting Child Labor in the Manufacturing of Toys Based on Nickelodeon Animated Characters

Author: Writers Guild of America

The Writers Guild of America, west has launched an advertising campaign to ensure Nickelodeon Animation Studios adheres to the standards of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) Code of Business Practices or the Fair Labor Association ...

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