Nigeria: Grassroots initiative launched to engage private sector in implementing Children's Rights & Business Principles

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16 June 2013

International Day of The African Child What Children Require of Us [Nigeria]

Author: Toyin Olakanpo, in This Day Live (Nigeria)

June 16, 2013 marks the International Day of the African Child...While the rest of the world is making a serious commitment to support children rights and their development, especially the private sector, Nigeria does not appear to have received the memo... It is no longer news that Nigeria will not achieve any of the eight MDGs by 2015...[T]he responsibility to invest in the African child and make a serious commitment to support the rights and development of the African child lies with the private sector...Private sector investment must turn its directions to children...and re-adjusting their attitudes to reach a deep understanding that supporting children’s rights is not corporate social responsibility but all about nation building. Until the private sector can understand this, the economic growth of this country will continue to be stunted...Investing in children is not only the right thing to do for their survival and quality of life, it is also vital for creating and sustaining broad-based economic growth and the essential key to nation building.

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6 June 2013

UN CRBP Grassroots Initiative launched in Nigeria

Author: Children & Business Nigeria Network

The Children and Business Network Nigeria (“CBNG”), founded by Ms Toyin Olakanpo, was formally launched on May 30th, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria as it hosted its first event entitled: “CEO Forum & Business Roundtable on Children’s Rights and the Business Sector...The event was an advocacy initiative to engage the private sector to make a serious commitment to support Children’s Rights through their corporate social responsibility and their human resource policies in the implementation of the UN Children’s Rights and Business Principles and the Lagos State Child Rights Law...[Ms Toyin Olakanpo] said that a number of companies were committed to supporting Children’s Rights and had even agreed to include a statement to that effect in their organization’s policy framework and Employee Handbook. [Refers to Addax Petroleum Development Nigeria (part of Sinopec), Diamond Bank, Nestlé Foods Nigeria, Polo Luxury Group, Promasidor]

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12 May 2013

Olakanpo: Business Sector Can Greatly Affect the Lives of Children [Nigeria]

Author: This Day Live (Nigeria)

[T]he impact [of the Children's Rights and Business Principles (CRBP)] has been minimal [in Nigeria] as many companies do not consider Children’s Rights their business...I think it is due to a lack of understanding of what the CRBP is trying to achieve and what is expected of companies...Businesses cannot sit on hand while children around them go hungry; are out of school; are malnourished, abused and lost without a future...The business sector has the enormous potential to affect the lives and development of the children of this country...We...need business CEOs to champion this cause...[Refers to Addax Petroleum Development, Credit Suisse First Boston, Diamond Bank, IKEA, Nestle Foods Nigeria, Rosy Blue, Telnet, Promasidor Nigeria, UBA, Unilever Nigeria]

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