Nigeria: President calls for regulation of the digital economy to curb threats to access to information & democratic processes

Author: News Agency of Nigeria, Vanguard, Published on: 15 April 2019

"Buhari challenges world leaders on safe, inclusive digital world", 8 April 2019.

...President Buhari gave the challenge in his keynote speech at the 2019 Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Dubai on Monday. President Buhari said a certain level of regulation was needed to preserve the integrity of the digital economy...The president decried the use of the cyberspace to manipulate elections, subvert the democratic rights of citizens as well as propagate violence...President Buhari, therefore, called for collective efforts led by both public and private sector leaders to address the emerging threats of digital globalisation...Also, the President highlighted that Nigeria’s public sector reform programmes, from procurement to payroll to revenue collections, focused on digitising key operations. He said the recourse to technology and digitisation had reinforced the administration’s objectives of improving efficiency, accountability and transparency in governance...

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