Nigeria: Results reveal that water in the Akoka community is harmful and poisonous

Author: Daniel Kanu, The Sun (Nigeria) , Published on: 7 October 2019

‘Akoka oil spillage:  Residents recount ordeal as water samples reveal contamination’ 6 October 2019

Victims of oil spillage in Akoka, Yaba area of Lagos have recounted their ordeal over the health and environmental risks they have been forced to face as a result of the pollution in the area. This is as the water samples tested by experts from 10 different locations in the area confirmed that the water in the community is potentially harmful and poisonous for the human body. The residents, under the aegis of “Total, must do right” crusade, insists that there must be “Justice for Akoka spill victims now”, expressing fear that their legitimate demands for justice has resulted in politicization, intimidation, and threat to their lives despite the health hazard they have been condemned to face.

…At a press conference on Saturday, the group said most members of the area have developed serious degrees of health challenges as a result of the polluted water they drink and use for daily chores, just as they inhale polluted air in the entire environment. Trained medical personnel, Idiyat Ogunfemi who interpreted the independent water sample analysis report explained that “Sample analysis of water done from 10 different points reveal that it is harmful and poisonous for the body. It damages the body inside just as it gives different skin diseases when used to bath. It has benzene, fluorine, carbon and other poisonous elements that cause cancer, disorganize the central nervous system, paralysis, pneumonia, various degrees of irritation inside and outside the body, tummy ache, cervical growth among


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