Noose incident sparks bias suit [USA]

Author: Collin Nash, Newsday [USA], Published on: 16 December 2006

A group of African-Americans employed as installers for a Cablevision subcontractor filed a discrimination complaint...alleging intimidation by white managers who the workers say dangled a noose from the rafters. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint...covers 11 of 70 installers 180 Connect. The complaint also names Cablevision Systems as a defendant...A spokesman for 180 Connect said..."Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against any of our employees implicated in this matter."...Cablevision representatives saw the noose and took no steps to remove it or admonish employees responsible for hanging it, the complaint alleges. "These are deeply troubling allegations about 180 Connect's workplace," Cablevision spokesman Jim Maiella said. The complaint alleges that black installers are paid a fluctuating rate - not an hourly rate - based on the job assigned and are deprived of promotional opportunities...

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