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14 December 2017
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Author: El Espectador (Colombia)

“100 compañías emiten 71% de los gases responsables del cambio climático”, 15 de diciembre de 2017...

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27 November 2012
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Author: Радио ООН

Как добиться того, чтобы развитие экономики не оборачивалось разрушением экологии, здоровья населения, потерей исконных земель и другими нарушениями прав человека?...[Один] из экспертов Рабочей группы [ООН по вопросу бизнеса и прав человека, Павел...

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1 September 2009

Carbon Disclosure Project finds improved disclosure of emissions among world's largest companies - Bayer, BASF, HSBC, Wal-Mart, Chevron lead

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1 September 2009

[PDF] Carbon Disclosure Project 2009 - Global 500 Report

Author: Carbon Disclosure Project

Following the increase in the number of CDP signatories, the standard of disclosure over the past seven years since the inception of CDP has increased dramatically... The number of Asian companies responding to CDP 2009 increasedby 39% (51 to 71) from...

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1 June 2006

[PDF] Involvement of UBS in the global mining and oil & gas sectors

Author: Jan Willem van Gelder, Profundo (Research paper prepared for Berne Declaration & Greenpeace Switzerland)

This report aims to identify and describe the financing activities undertaken UBS Group in the global mining and oil & gas sectors. Most emphasis is given to the involvement of UBS in financing mining and oil & gas projects and companies which...

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