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28 November 2016

Morocco/Western Sahara: Report warns wind energy companies from engaging in projects in Western Sahara without consent of local communities

Author: Western Sahara Resource Watch

Report: COP22 controversy - Moroccan green energy used for plunder, 2 November 2016...

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14 April 2012

Miriam Clegg paid £400 an hour by mining giant accused of trampling on rights of Saharan tribesmen

Author: Simon Walters and Glen Owen, Daily Mail [UK]

As a partner with international law firm Dechert, [Miriam] Clegg is said to be paid up to £400 an hour to advise OCP [Office Cherifien des Phosphates] on corporate issues, and to represent its interests in the EU where Morocco is facing mounting...

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Company non-response
21 December 2011

Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP) did not respond to: Norway's fund says interests of the local population are not served by OCP’s operations.

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8 December 2011

[DOC] FMC Corporation re Norwegian Ministry of Finance’s decision to exclude the company from Government Pension Fund investments over allegations regarding Western Sahara

Author: FMC

We are surprised and disappointed by the action of the Norway Wealth Fund given the fact that FMC exited its Spanish-based, Foret phosphate business in December 2010. While in operation, Foret purchased phosphate rock from Office Cherifien des...

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6 December 2011

Government Pension Fund Global: Two companies excluded from the Fund’s investment universe

Author: Norwegian Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance has excluded...FMC Corporation and...Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (Potash) from the GPFG investment universe. The companies’ conduct represents particularly serious violations of fundamental ethical norms, as defined by...

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10 August 2008

A matter of social duty and fertiliser

Author: Ivan Broadhead, South China Morning Post

Western Sahara's government-in-exile...warn[ed] Hong Kong's Pacific Basin one of the shipping firm's vessels dropped anchor in Hobart to deliver a cargo of phosphate rock from Western Sahara's Boucraa minefields to Australian fertiliser...

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21 May 2006
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Author: Blanche Petrich, Jornada [México]

La empresa Innophos de México compró dos cargamentos de fosfatos extraídos de los yacimientos del Sahara occidental explotados ilegalmente por Marruecos, que ocupa militarmente ese país desde 1976, a pesar de que el comercio con materias primas robadas...

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