Oilers inflamed [Kazakhstan]

Author: The Economist , Published on: 21 July 2011

Disgruntled oil workers in western Kazakhstan’s Mangistau region have been on strike for over two months now, with no end in sight. Their demands for better pay and working conditions have so far been either ignored or rejected. Their main complaint is that foreign employees doing the same job receive twice as much in wages...The growing wave of labour unrest, one of the most intense and protracted in Kazakhstan’s post-independence history, has been downplayed by the authorities...Local courts quickly declared the strikes illegal, which immediately justified police in detaining the strikers, on grounds that they are taking part in unsanctioned protests...Kazakhstan’s president, government ministers, and parliamentarians have turned a deaf ear to the plight of the workers, who have been writing them desperate letters all along...At Uzenmunaigas, one of three companies affected, more than 300 participants have been sacked. [also refers to Kazmunaigas, Karazhanbasmunai, Ersai Caspian Contractor (joint venture of ERC Holdings and Saipem), CITIC, Eni]

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