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Olive plantation laborers subjected to degrading conditions [Argentina]

Author: Argentinean Association of Rural Workers (UATRE), Published on: 22 February 2007

Through a series of inspections conducted in Aimogasta, province of La Rioja, the Argentinean Association of Rural Workers (UATRE) detected the existence of almost a thousand rural migrant workers...who are subjected to subhuman living conditions. The companies inspected were Agropecuaria Anjullón SA, El Benteveo SA, and CAC SA, all of which belong to the business group Nucete...According to the data gathered in the investigation...the workers and their families are forced to live in subhuman conditions: they sleep in tents and on mattresses or a few blankets laid over pallets used to move olive crates in stowage operations, they have no bathroom facilities and lack proper lighting, among other irregularities that violate minimum standards of hygiene and safety. [also refers to Huentala] [The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Nucete to respond to the allegations. We have not yet received its response.]

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