Oman: Ministry of Manpower establishes fast-track labour dispute system

Author: Times of Oman, Published on: 28 May 2019

"Labour disputes in Oman to have their own fast-track system", 22 May 2019

Expats can now take their labour grievances to a dedicated 'Reconciliation Committee', which has the legal power to enforce settlements... If successful, it will be rolled out across Oman. It's the first time in the Gulf such a fast-track system has been implemented...Under the agreement, dispute settlement cases of the Ministry of Manpower will be referred to reconciliation committees, which in turn will settle disputes between the parties. The reconciliation committee will serve all citizens and residents of all nationalities and religions in the Sultanate...

“This procedure... should remove the obstacles to differences affecting the natural relationship between the various parties in the market. It also aims at alleviating the heavy burdens borne by the competent departments of the Ministry of Manpower, whose efforts may not result in an effective resolution of disputes” [said the Ministry of Manpower]...

[Salim bin Saeed Al Badi, Director General of Labour Welfare said] "the reconciliation committees will help to facilitate settlement procedures in labour disputes. The aim is to reach reconciliation between the parties and the settlement is documented by legal basis without being referred to the courts and the judiciary. This will have a role in improving the working environment in the private sector."

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