Online discussion on how companies can address potential human rights violations (31 Jan)

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28 January 2013

Human rights: the challenges businesses face - live discussion [31 Jan]

Author: Guardian Sustainable Business

The Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, endorsed by the United Nations Human Right Council in 2011 provides a global standard for managing the risk of adverse impacts on human rights linked to business activity. Businesses are increasingly expected to scrutinise their social and environmental impact, their supply chain and their place in wider society...When thinking about the relationship between business and human rights, are there effective mechanisms that can be put in place to safeguard operations? [refers to Apple, Gap]

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28 January 2013

[PDF] Apple Supplier Responsibility - 2013 Progress Report

Author: Apple

Our Supplier Responsibility Progress Report provides the results of our 2012 audits, including the work we’re doing to correct issues and improve our suppliers’ performance.

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