Over 180 organizations urge Canadian Prime Minister to "effectively" regulate Canadian mining companies and avoid human rights abuses in Latin America


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25 April 2016

Letter for Prime Minister of Canada

Author: Over 180 Latin American, Canadian & other NGOs

Dear Prime Minister…[W]e urge the adoption of workable measures to promote legislative and administrative reforms that will more effectively regulate the operations of Canadian mining companies…In particular, we recommend an immediate change in existing policies in order to: Ensure Canadian mining companies operating in Latin America do so in conformity with the international human rights standards… Respect the decisions of numerous communities…Incorporate international human rights and transparency standards in the regulation of credit agencies and public and private investment that finance extractive activities…Guarantee effective access to Canadian courts…Create objective and impartial mechanisms to effectively monitor and investigate complaints of individual and collective human rights violations…Refrain from promoting international arbitration mechanisms…

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22 April 2016

Over 180 organizations urge Canadian Prime Minister to promote effective regulation of Canadian mining companies operating in Latin America

Author: Due Process of Law Foundation, DPLF

...Today, over 180 organizations from Latin America, Europe and the United States presented a public letter to the Prime Minister of Canada urging his government to promote legal and administrative reforms to more effectively regulate the actions of Canadian mining companies throughout the world. Canadian diplomatic and financial support extended to companies that commit or tolerate human rights violations in Latin America has been addressed by thematic committees and special rapporteurs…Those organizations that signed the public letter asked that Canada guarantee the highest international standards in its policies promoting mining and in its relationship with the countries where Canadian companies operate. They also requested the creation of access to justice mechanisms in Canada, whereby victims of human rights violations committed by the Canadian Mining companies can find redress…

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