Papua New Guinea: Civil society groups urge China to act on illegal timber imports

Author: Radio New Zealand, Published on: 14 November 2018

"PNG groups urge China to act on illegal timber imports", 14 November 2018

A letter signed by PNG groups including the Center for Environmental Law and Community Rights and ACT NOW - states that governments of

PNG and China have failed to act while the country's globally significant forests are being destroyed.

PNG is China's single largest supplier of timber, however large quantities of these wood imports come from illegal operations.

...NGO Global Witness, Lela Stanley said civil society was looking to China to lead the change.

She said other major economies have created laws to ensure timber they source abroad are produced legally and sustainable, so China's lack of regulations is now standing out.

"China is taking steps to clean up its domestic manufacturing sector and polluted environment, and positioning itself as a global leader on climate change," Ms Stanley said.

"But if it's serious about its vision of an 'ecological civilization,' it needs to ensure the raw materials like timber that it sources abroad are produced legally and sustainable."...

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