Papua New Guinea: US retailers of timber products commit to product changes following allegations of links to indigenous rights abuses and illegal logging activities


In its report “Stained Trade”, Global Witness claims that indigenous communities across Papua New Guinea (PNG) are experiencing environmental destruction and loss of their livelihoods through land grabs as ancient rainforests are harvested by foreign-owned logging companies. The report contains interviews with local communities as well as responses from companies linked to the global trade of illegally logged timber products from PNG. It highlights how the global timber trade is driving deforestation and abuses of indigenous communities’ rights in the country, and details recommendations for steps to be taken in the US, China and PNG to end the global trade in illegally logged PNG timber.

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26 March 2018

Papua New Guinea: Global Witness releases photos & footage revealing extent of logging activities

Author: Josh Gabbatiss, Independent

21 March 2018

Impact of forest loss on communities and ecosystems revealed in series of images and footage collected by environmental campaigners Global Witness following report on illegal logging in the South Pacific nation...

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7 August 2017

Stained Trade

Author: Global Witness

1 Aug 2017

The South Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is home to the largest remaining tropical rainforest in the Asia-Pacific region, and one of the biggest land grabs in modern history. 

Between 2014 and 2016, Global Witness traced a supply chain spanning some 9,000 miles from the PNG’s forests to retail shelves in the US. 

Stained Trade reveals for the first time, how companies along wood product supply chains leading through China are failing to screen out illegal timber, the risks this creates for US companies, and the devastating impacts the trade is having on people in PNG...

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3 August 2017

Papua New Guinea 'illegal logging exports continue', despite Peter O'Neill's promise to stop it

Author: Eric Tlozek, ABC News (Australia)

3 August 2017

An environment protection group [Global Witness] says timber from illegal logging operations in Papua New Guinea is being used in flooring sold in the United States, and possibly in Australia - despite Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's promise to put an end to it...

[refers to Nature Flooring, Rimbunan Hijan]

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1 August 2017

US retailers halt sales of hardwood flooring linked to illegal logging in PNG

Author: Mike Gaworecki, Mongabay

report London-based NGO Global Witness has prompted major US retailers to discontinue sales of exotic wood flooring linked to illegal logging in the tropical forests of Papua New Guinea...

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31 July 2017


Author: 全球见证 (英国)

南太平洋的巴布亚新几内亚( 巴新 )拥有亚太地区尚存最大的热带雨林。在这里发生的土地掠夺,属于现代史上规模最大之一。



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