Papua New Guinea: Violence at Kainantu gold mine after mining company, K92 Mining, allegedly fails to adequately conduct due diligence on landowner rights

A recent media report published by The Nation (PNG) (linked below) cites K92 Mining, a Canadian company, and alleges that its failure to adequately conduct due diligence in relation to landowner rights associated with the Kainantu gold mine, PNG, has resulted in violence.

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited K92 Mining to respond to the allegations. The company did not respond.


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Company non-response
30 January 2019

K92 Mining did not respond

30 January 2019

Minister issues warning to companies after attack

Author: The National (PNG)

24 January 2019

Mining Minister Johnson Tuke has urged all exploration and mining firms to conduct due diligence when it comes to affected landowners in project sites.

Tuke issued the warning following an incident at the Kainantu gold mine, Eastern Highlands, where one person was reported killed, 70 houses destroyed and 50 people injured following a conflict....

...This issue (Kainantu gold mine) was provoked by the K92 (K92 Mining Inc).

..."It's not a good thing to see landowners fighting against each other." K92 Mining Inc is focused on advancing the Kainantu gold mine.
The Kainantu property covers a total area of approximately 410sqkm and was previously mined by Highlands Pacific and Barrick Gold from 2006-2009.

After being commissioned in 2006, the processing facilities operated for a cumulative total of approximately 7000 hours (292 days) before being put on care and maintenance by Barrick Gold.

Barrick continued this care and maintenance of the mill until the sale of the project to K92.

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