Paris climate agreement enters into force - UNFCCC, NGOs & journalists discuss next steps

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4 November 2016

Business coalition encourages govts. to implement Nationally Determined Contributions

Author: We Mean Business

"Realizing the ambition of the Paris Agreement," 4 Nov 2016

…The Paris Agreement on climate change is unprecedented in its scope, will define the global economy of the 21st century, and has immediate impact on businesses and investors around the world. The agreement has entered into force with unprecedented speed…The private sector is ready to be a partner in ambition with governments across the globe. At COP22 we need to move from adoption of the Paris Agreement to its speedy implementation.

We look to governments to:

  • Scale up enabling policies through the Global Climate Action Agenda and the Technical Examination Processes
  • Fully implement NDCs through domestic legislation and regulation
  • Drive towards net zero emissions by communicating long-term low GHG development strategies
  • Connect non-state action to an increase in ambition with every five-year NDC cycle, starting  in 2018
  • Mobilize climate finance  at scale from public and  private sources
  • Enact meaningful pricing of carbon
  • Build climate-resilient  economies and communities...

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4 November 2016

Business leaders & environmental orgs. discuss what they hope to see at COP22 climate discussions

Author: Matt Mace & Luke Nicholls, edie

"COP22: Seven green business wishes for the Marrakesh climate talks," 4 Nov 2016

…[T]he Paris Agreement officially comes into force. But as…the United Nations pointed out…even if the Paris Agreement is fully implemented…it would still only place the world on track for a temperature rise of 2.9-3.4 degrees this century...It is therefore crucial that…COP 22…isn’t used by delegates to pat one another on the back…but is instead a platform for nations to decide how to actually enact the Agreement and work with the private sectoredie has spoken to…business professionals to find out what they want to see happen at…COP 22…

1) A loud corporate voice that steers governments away from the “last-chance saloon”…

2) Transformational targets that allow businesses to drive the low-carbon movement…

3) Create nurturing environments that highlight the business case for climate action…

4) Ensure market conditions…enable greater investment in low-carbon innovations…

5) Re-define the relationship between basic human needs and climate change…

6) Mobilise climate finance…

7) …We need to have the right legislation in place to stimulate climate action, but we don't necessarily need new legislation…

[Also refers to M&S, Swarovski, and Unilever.]

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4 November 2016

Commentary: Govts. must work to scale-up climate investments at Marrakech, says UNFCCC executive secretary & President of COP22

Author: Patricia Espinosa, UNFCCC Executive Secretary & Salaheddine Mezouar, President of COP22 and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Morocco

"Paris Enters into Force – Celebration and Reality Check," 4 Nov 2016

…The Paris Climate Change Agreement…came into force today…In a short time…we need to see unprecedented reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and unequalled efforts to build societies that can resist rising climate impacts. The timetable is pressing because globally greenhouse gas emissions…are not yet falling – a fact which the Marrakech meeting must have at the front of its concerns and collective resolve…Our collective ability to enact rapid change has changed for good because of the Paris Agreement, and particularly for the following reasons:

  • In Paris, Governments formally accepted to lead climate action…
  • Within a few short years…governments and parties will have completed the details of a rulebook which will measure, account for and review global climate action…
  • …Governments agreed to strengthen adequate technology and financial support to developing nations…
  • …[N]on-party stakeholders are showing increased interest and commitment to lowering the carbon emissions…

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4 November 2016

Company directors could be held liable for failing to consider climate risks, says legal opinion

Author: Sam Mostyn, Guardian (UK)

"The Paris climate agreement is a game-changer – and business risks being left behind," 4 Nov 2016

Two developments this week should bring climate and sustainability-related issues to the top of company board agendas. The first was the release of a legal opinion by Sydney silk Noel Hutley SC that found that directors who don’t properly consider the material impacts of climate change on their business risk personal liability for breach of duty…The second…is the entry into force of the historic Paris agreement on climate change…Hutley’s opinion confirms we now have little choice but to understand how important climate change and sustainability risks are…for our companies, and act accordingly…Companies that aren’t preparing for physical, transition and liability risks now are simply ensuring more destabilising, risky and abrupt changes later…Business leaders should support constructive changes at the level of board governance and government policy to make sure that does not happen…Boards must educate themselves on the best way to identify, disclose and respond to climate and sustainability risks…

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4 November 2016

Greenpeace director calls for rapid transition to clean energy to meet Paris climate goals

Author: Jennifer L. Morgan, Greenpeace International, in Huffington Post (USA)

"The inevitable transformation - why swift action is needed to stay below 1.5," 3 Nov 2016

Last year, 197 countries adopted the historic Paris Agreement on climate change. Today…it comes into force, in one of the fastest ratifications of any international agreement…People from different walks of life and from different sectors and industries are ready to work together to tip the balance even further in the right direction…But time is not on our side and the pace of the inevitable must be accelerated immediately. Although the political and economic climate is moving against fossil fuels, the impacts of decades of carbon dioxide release from the burning of fossil fuels is rapidly taking its toll on the natural climate…The priority in our action must be in the…coming 5 to 15 years - to scale up renewable energy and energy efficiency, reduce deforestation and provide sustainable mobility options for people around the world...Those countries most at risk are the ones who have done the least to contribute to the crisis. That is why a just transition must be part of future negotiations…

[Also refers to Allianz, Axa, BNDS, ExxonMobil, and Norwegian Wealth Fund.]

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4 November 2016

Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice urges all countries to ratify Paris Agreement

Author: Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice

"Paris Agreement enters into force," 4 Nov 2016

Today is an historic day in the global response to climate change as the Paris Climate Change Agreement enters into force and becomes part of international law…The speed with which the agreement has entered into force further underlines just how important the issue of climate action is for so many people around the world…While today marks an important milestone, there is still much to be done. Implementation of the Paris Agreement needs universal participation, the remaining countries need to complete their domestic ratification processes…

The level of ambition committed to by countries through their Nationally Determined Commitments, is not sufficient to meet the goal of the Paris Agreement. But the Agreement establishes a system to review this ambition upwards and it is the responsibility of all actors including governments, sub- national governments, business, civil society and individuals to drive this ambition and to be active participants in implementing the Paris Agreement…

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