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[PDF] “Véhicules civils militarisables” and the EU arms embargo on Sudan

Author: Intl. Peace Information Service, Published on: 1 September 2011

Since MAN has learned about the military use of their dual-use equipment in Darfur, the company has decided to halt all business with its Sudanese partners as a formal company policy. Consequently no more business transactions have taken place with GIAD after the April 2007 delivery of 790 L90/M2000 trucks...This paper casts serious doubts on the continuing export of European trucks to Sudan, where there are documented cases of their being used to facilitate gross abuses of human rights. This brief clearly documents that completely knocked down truck assembly kits...which were delivered by MAN and Renault to GIAD [Industrial Complex], have been observed in the Darfur region in militarised form...This paper demonstrates that Renault and MAN could and, indeed, should have been aware of the serious risk that their material would have been used in the Darfur conflict...Renault also admitted subsequently that they are aware that their products are being used for waging war in Sudan.

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