[PDF] Accusations in Rights Action’s Letter to Dr. Paz y Paz and “La Resistencia por la Vida y el Terror de Estado” are inaccurate and irresponsible

Author: Tahoe Resources Inc., Published on: 4 May 2014

[The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Tahoe Resources to respond; the company’s response is provided] To suggest that Tahoe Resources and Minera San Rafael are somehow complicit in the tragic murder of a child and the attempted murder of her father because they are anti-mining activists is offensive, irresponsible, and unfounded. Other than information reported in the electronic media, we know nothing about these crimes, or the views or activities of the individuals involved. Minera San Rafael has strong community support in San Rafael and in the region near the mine. Tahoe and its subsidiaries, which have many times over the past several years addressed similarly baseless accusations of criminal activity and violence, are law abiding corporate citizens that deplore violence, especially in its communities…

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