[PDF] Building the foundations for a long-term development partnership: The construction phase of the PNG LNG Project [Papua New Guinea]

Author: Jane Nelson and Kara Valikai, Harvard Kennedy School Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Published on: 28 February 2014

The following case study focuses on the first three years of Project construction from March 2010 to June 2013. It reviews some of the internal management systems, stakeholder engagement mechanisms and cross-sector partnerships through which the Project team is implementing international practices and standards within the realities of...PNG...It aims to provide a broad overview of...practical approaches that EHL [Esso Highlands Limited, part of ExxonMobil] and its partners have taken to manage Project risks and to create shared value...The case study highlights three core messages...[1] Commitment to rigorous risk management and accountability in PNG...[2] Investment in national content and capacity in PNG...[3] Engagement in cross-sector partnerships and policy dialogue in PNG...Recommendations for project operators and contractors: 1. Continuously improve risk management, accountability and local content development...2. Partner with host governments and other stakeholders to enhance development planning and outcomes...3. Develop multi-disciplinary leadership skills... [also refers to Oil Search; National Petroleum Company of PNG (Kroton); Santos; JX Nippon Oil and Gas Exploration (Nippon Oil); Mineral Resource Development Company; Petromin PNG Holdings]

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