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[PDF] Business and Human Rights: A Complex Relationship

Author: Due Process of Law Foundation, Published on: 1 September 2011

This issue of Aportes offers an overview of scenarios in which the legal obligations and responsibilities of national and transnational corporations are playing out in the arena of natural resource exploitation in indigenous territories. [Content includes:
- Human Rights and Extractive Industries in Latin America, Keith Slack
- Business and Human Rights: Toward the Development of an International Law Framework, Carlos López Hurtado
- The Obligation of States to Prevent International Law Violations by Private Actors, María Clara Galvis
- Human Rights and Liability of Private Corporations: Much Work to Be Done, Lina M. Céspedes-Báez
- Corporations Should Be Held Liable for Human Rights Violations, Cesar Chelala and Alejandro M. Garro
- Human Rights and Transnational Business: Are Canada’s Courts Up to the Task?, Véronique Lebuis
- Strategic Human Rights Litigation: Can It Be Used Effectively against Transnational Corporations?, Claudia Müller-Hoff
- Review Process of the Office of the Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Counsellor, Government of Canada
- The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: Is There Hope in the Review Process?, Víctor H. Ricco
- Guatemalan Mine Controversy Reveals Shortcomings of Canadian NCP, Kristen Genovese
- The Inter-American Development Bank’s Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism, Fátima Andrada Pasmor
- The World Bank Group’s Opportunity to Advance Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Kirk Herbertson
- Business & Human Rights Resource Centre: Tracking the Human Rights Impacts of Corporations around the World, Mauricio Lazala
- An $18 Billion Decision against Chevron: What Does It Mean?, Chris Jochnick
- Resisting Mining Operations in El Salvador: Challenges and Lessons Learned, Alejandro Labrador
- Human Rights Abuses by Corporations: The Case of Río Blanco Copper in Peru, Javier Jahncke]
[refers also to Shell, Cambior, Anvil Mining, Copper Mesa, Goldcorp, Pacific Rim, Forza (part of Securitas)]

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