[PDF] Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Author: Triple Canopy, Published on: 17 January 2013

[scroll to page 27] On November 9, 2010, Triple Canopy became a founder signatory to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers...a unique, industry-specific code of conduct that resulted from an international initiative led by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Government of Switzerland....[The] he ICoC added to...[the Montreux Document] by establishing a set of operational standards and human rights principles that prisecurity companies agree to adhere to when operating in areas of conflict or disaster where governments and traditional government authorities may be unable to operate effectively. As a signatory to the ICoC, Triple Canopy must follow the ICoC’s guidance, and the Company must ensure that it operates in accordance with the standards and principles it contains...[A]ny employee that becomes aware of an actual or suspected violation of the ICoC should report the matter immediately...

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