[PDF] Colombia: Regulating Private Military and Security Companies in a “Territorial State”

Author: Irene Cabrera & Antoine Perret, Externado University of Colombia, Published on: 15 November 2009

[A]t the end of the cold war…many Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) were formed or deployed in Colombia...norms were created to try to control this industry and a special entity is in charge of reviewing the[ir] activities...but…practice shows that they fail sufficiently to control the PMSCs…[P]art of the PMSC presence in Colombian territory is not subject to these standards because they are employed by the US government under bilateral military pacts… [that] provide...US personnel...with total immunity...[U]ncontrolled increase of PMSCs in Colombia has…produced civil, labour and penal incidents…employees of these companies have been involved in several abuses and crimes such as drug traffic, rape, excess in the use of the force and the maltreatment of the workforce [refers to Air Park Sales and Service, ARINC, California Microwave Systems, Chenega Federal Systems, Control Risks, Dyncorp, Evergreen Security, ID System, ITT, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, Oakley Networks, Telford Aviation, Virginia Electronic Systems]

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