[PDF] Contribution by the government of the Netherlands to the renewed EU-strategy for CSR

Author: Govt. of the Netherlands , Published on: 1 July 2012

the Updated OECD Guidelines now also fully reflect the United Nations Guiding...Principles on Business and Human Rights5. With regard to the´remedy-pillar´of the ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy’ framework for business and human rights, the National Contact Points for implementation of the OECD Guidelines represent a unique grievance mechanism. The Netherlands has an active independent National Contact Point (NCP) which promotes the implementation of the Guidelines...The government expects all Dutch companies operating abroad to comply with the OECD Guidelines...The Netherlands will actively foster the further acceptance and implementation of the Ruggie framework, both within the UN and at national level...To this extent, the government developed a guide for embassies to help them assist Dutch companies...abroad on matters of CSR and human rights, the so called CSR Passport.

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