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[PDF] Diamonds and Human Security: Annual review 2009

Author: Partnership Africa Canada, Published on: 1 October 2009

The Kimberley Process (KP)…is failing…Accountability is the primary issue…recommendations are ignored, and there is little or no follow-up…some reviews are completely bogus…cases of flagrant non compliance have been ignored…KP has become a talk shop, with civil society acting as watchdog…Industry leaders are largely supportive of positions taken by civil society, and several governments are as frustrated as NGOs…But industry does not lead, and few governments push hard for serious reform…The KP…requires an independent, proactive, effective and efficient core body…that can analyze problems and act quickly…applying meaningful sanctions where necessary. [Refers to African Minerals, Alrosa, BHP Billiton, Dan Gertler, De Beers, Endiama, Ghana Consolidated Diamonds, Koidu Holdings (part of Beny Steinmetz Group), Milestone Trading (Part of Target Resources), TransHex]

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