[PDF] Digging Deeper: Can NEITI contribute to conflict management in the Niger Delta region?

Author: Uche Igwe, Bonn International Centre for Conversion Bulletin, Published on: 17 May 2010

…NEITI (Nigeria Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative) may contribute positively to the reduction
of conflict in the Niger Delta region…It is estimated that about 70,000–500,000 barrels of oil get lost every day from the Niger Delta region and find their way to the international market. Without making precise conclusions, it is obvious that the conflict in the Niger Delta is a resource conflict and so the route through which these…barrels…leave everyday is the same route through which sophisticated small arms and light weapons find their way into the Niger Delta…The NEITI audit reports recommend the installation of precision meters…so that oil theft fueling the crisis can be brought to an end.

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