[PDF] Foreign Land Deals and Human Rights: Case Studies on Agricultural and Biofuel Investment

Author: International Human Rights Clinic, Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, New York University School of Law, Published on: 18 November 2010

[This Report was prepared in support of the mandate of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter.] Ensuring food security in a sustainable and equitable manner is both a paramount and increasingly urgent goal...[T]he Global South is experiencing a surge in foreign direct investments in agricultural land. Prompted in part by the global food crisis, state and private investors are buying and leasing millions of hectares of farmland in Africa, Asia, and Latin America...[but] many large-scale land investments do not service the goal of ensuring equitable and sustainable food security and may, in fact, be further jeopardizing the rights of host populations...[The report] includes four case studies on large-scale land investments in developing countries [Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Pakistan, Mali] and explores various ways in which states, investors, and host communities can address the numerous human rights challenges posed by large-scale land investments...The rights of communities affected by large-scale land investments must finally take center stage. [refers to SEKAB BioEnergy Tanzania (part of SEKAB Group), EcoDevelopment in Europe, TreeFarms Sudan, Mali Biocarburant]

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