[PDF] full report: "Industrial Sources of Dioxin Poisoning in Mossville, Louisiana: A Report Based on the Government’s Own Data"

Author: Mossville Environmental Action Now, Wilma Subra (The Subra Company), Advocates for Environmental Human Rights [USA], Published on: 1 July 2007

Mossville residents are surrounded by 14 toxic industrial facilities, several of which routinely release dioxins into the air, water, and land. Residents have long complained about health problems that a university health study has linked to industrial pollution. However, governmental agencies continue to issue permits which allow the industrial facilities to increase the amount of toxic pollution, including dioxins…This report provides recommendations for corrective governmental action that would protect the human right to a healthy environment. [refers to Air Liquide, Arch Chemical, Biolab Inc. (part of Chemtura), CertainTeed (part of Saint-Gobain), ConocoPhillips, Entergy, Excel Paralubes (joint venture Flint Hills Resources [part of Koch Industries] & ConocoPhillips), Georgia Gulf, Lyondell, PHH Monomers (joint venture Georgia Gulf & PPG Industries), PPG Industries, Sasol, Tessenderlo Chemical, Tetra Chemicals]

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