[PDF] [Good Practices Note for Business in Emerging Markets: Human Rights, Access to Medicines, and the Pharmaceutical Industry]

Author: Global Compact Human Rights Working Group & Pier DeRoo, Published on: 1 January 2011

The HRWG [Global Compact Human Rights Working Group] has discussed the complex question of Access to Medicines. There are clearly very many barriers preventing the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged achieving their rights to adequate healthcare. Under the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights many of these fall under governments’ duty to protect. The attached Good Practice Note illustrates a number of different ways in which responsible businesses can support the UN goals in this area. As the note points out, different companies place emphasis in different areas, and indeed some of the approaches such as separating activities from the commercial business or integrating activities into mainstream business are, at least in part, contradictory. However the HRWG considers that the examples given may be of assistance in considering which approach is best in a particular circumstance...

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