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[PDF] Human Rights Advisor Sues Norwegian Oil Company over False Representations about Its Commitment to Respecting Human Rights

Author: Paul Hoffman & Michael Seplow, counsel for the plaintiff, Published on: 16 August 2010

On August 17, 2010,...[Statoil's Human Rights Advisor] filed a lawsuit against Statoil... [She] alleges that the company misled her about the nature of her position as a Human Rights advisor... [She]...alleges that she was hired by Statoil mainly for “public relations” purposes, despite the company’s promises to the contrary. After working for the company for over a year, she realized that the company’s commitment to human rights was lacking. For example, despite the fact that she was supposed to be responsible for human rights policies in Statoil’s overseas operations, she was only allowed to make two trips to Statoil’s foreign facilities...[She] was told, and the company has publicly claimed, that Statoil was committed to implementing the Human Rights Risk Assessment (“HRRA”)... However,...[she] alleges that “despite having been promised that the company was committed to the HRRA, [she] encountered tremendous resistance to her efforts to implement the HRRA.”

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