[PDF] Human trafficking and Manpower

Author: Richard Welford, CSR Asia, Published on: 5 July 2006

...David Arkless, Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs from Manpower...began his talk with the story of a 12-year-old girl...who was brought to India from Nepal...[and] forced...into a New Delhi brothel...These sorts of stories are not uncommon and...although human slavery is illegal in most nations, there are probably more modern-day slaves now than colonial slaves in the past...The view of the speaker was that governments are not doing enough to combat trafficking...There is clearly a role for the private sector and Manpower has taken a lead in that respect...Manpower...[is] the first global corporation to sign and promote the Athens Declaration covering human trafficking. The seven-point plan commits organisations to: 1. Explicitly demonstrate the position of zero tolerance towards trafficking in human beings, especially women and children for sexual exploitation. 2. Contribute to...awareness-raising campaigns and education. 3. Develop a corporate strategy for an anti-trafficking policy...4. Ensure that our personnel fully comply with our anti-trafficking policy. 5. Encourage business partners, including suppliers, to apply ethical principles against human trafficking. 6....call on governments to initiate a process of revision of laws and regulations that are directly or indirectly related to enhancing anti-trafficking policies. 7. Report and share information on best practices. Manpower has declared a zero-tolerance to human trafficking worldwide and is driving its anti-trafficking programme into 300,000 customer and supplier companies. The company is calling for further regulation of the employment industry...Arkless is chairing a global movement and is committed to signing up the top 1,000 corporations in the world to the Athens Declaration by the end of 2007.

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