[PDF] Implementing the Voluntary Principles: A Case Study of Security and Human Rights in Shell’s Worldwide Operations [scroll to pg. 15]

Author: Christos Mylonas (Security, Policy and Issues Manager for Shell), in Journal of International Peace Operations, Published on: 1 March 2008

Shell…has been a leading supporter of the Voluntary Principles since their inception. The Voluntary Principles are reflected in the Shell General Business Principles, which require Shell companies to respect the human rights of their employees and express support for fundamental human rights to society. Shell companies implement the Voluntary Principles by several means: through briefings and workshops…; the commencement of the implementation of the revised Group Security Standards; the introduction of specific reporting requirements for Voluntary Principles security incidents; the inclusion of the Voluntary Principles legal clause in private security contracts; and, in Nigeria, through the introduction…of a human rights and conflict resolution training program for security officials.

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