[PDF] Migrant Workers and Health—The Role of Business

Author: Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), Published on: 16 January 2012

Migrant worker health is increasingly important for companies following the UN‘s endorsement of the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights…Principle 12 states…additional standards for vulnerable groups, such as migrant workers and their families, should be considered to prevent adverse human rights impact. Migrant workers face unique health risks…beyond…traditional occupational health and safety. This paper identifies health issues at each phase of the migration process...[T]here is a need for an expanded business role in managing migrant health by embracing the definition of health as a human right. [A] human rights-based approach requires business to expand its responsibility to…the social, mental, and cultural dimensions of workers‘ well-being…requires business to address health more holistically…as a facet of a business‘ overall approach toward human rights or as a supplement to existing migrant worker policies and procedures.

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