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[PDF] Reply to Green Salvation letter of February 11, 2013 to Business & Human Rights Resource Centre and subsequently forwarded to the Kok Zhaylau Design Team referenced in that letter

Author: Dr. George Zelt, CaspiEcology Environmental Services, LLC, Published on: 18 February 2013

...On behalf of members of the Design Team we are happy to reply to your comments and thank you for your interest...The area planned for construction of the bases is not involved in the mountain-city air exchange...[T]he polluted Almaty air -that demonstrated in your attention gathering photographs- is primarily from the vehicle exhaust and coal fired plants...Trees are not cut in one large area but in short corridors therefore we do not expect any disenable changes in microclimate to slow air regeneration and air exchange with the city. The cleared slopes are expected to slightly increase this exchange due to increase in air convection. We certainly consider this a very important issue...[A]t the detailed design stage three to four metrological stations will be installed along the access road, the built in area and the ski lifts to validate the information derived from the previous studies...These data will be presented in the EIA...Snow making water will be taken at a very low rate through the whole warm season. The intention is to leave in the streams as much water as required to preserve the streams ecology...The potable water obstruction at the Kazashka river mouth will constrain 1 100м3/day which is ~ 15.5 times less than the minimal river discharge (17 000м3/day see Fig.3) at this place. Sewage will be treated to potable water quality and discharged back in the river 6.2 kilometers upstream. It will be recycled within the resort...[A]ll water used by the resort is returned to nature practically at the place of consumption with a delay that does not pose a concern at this stage of design.

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