[PDF] Research on Working and Living Conditions of Women in Export Processing Zones (EPZ) and Sweatshops in Indonesia - Report

Author: Sudwind Institute & UCM Jakarta (Urban Community Mission), Published on: 13 July 2004

[Research focusing] on advanced monitoring of the working and living conditions of Indonesian female workers in Export Processing Zones (EPZ) and sweatshop factories. [refers to PT. Detta Marina Cimanggis, PT. Dwi Sukses, PT. Panarup, PT. Goldindo Menawan, Pt. Harapan Busana Apparel, PT. Rismar Daewoo Apparel, PT. Jaya Toys, PT. Northbay, PT. Girindo, PT. Trenton, PT. Global Family, PT. Metro, PT. Elaine, PT. Durindo, PT. Sambo Indonusa, PT. Victoria, PT. Inkoprima, Otto, O'Neill, Animal, Reebok, Nike, Lotto, Toyo, Marks & Spencer, adidas-Salomon, Sara Lee, Medifom, Berlee, Karstadt (part of KarstadtQuelle), QVC (part of Liberty Media), JC Penney, Cato, Sears, Notation]

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