[PDF] Seeing Green - Standing up for Farmers in Chongqing [China]

Author: Li Miao Lovett, Human Rights in China, Published on: 30 June 2007

Small environmental groups battle with industrial giants in China’s most populous industrial center...Wu Dengming [and...h]is group halted the construction of the Jiulongpo Power Station [owned by Chongqing Jiulong Electric Power, major shareholder being Chongqing Electric Power (part of State Grid Corporation of China)]...[and] the Minfeng Nonghua Group [renamed as Jianfeng Chemicals] from dumping toxic waste into the Jialing River. The campaign against Minfeng appeared successful; the city government of Chongqing agreed to shut down the plant in 2003. But on the prescribed day, business continued as usual, and the local press was censored from printing stories about the intended closure...In 2003, student activists from Green Volunteers League protested outside one of several chemical and papermills dumping waste into the Xiao’an Xi River...Farmers near Chongqing City...fight pollution from factories that produce strontium carbonate, which is used in the production of optical glass, color TVs and magnetic materials...Hongdie Strontium Industrial Company [also known as Chongqing Hongdie, part of Guizhou Redstar Developing Company (part of Qingdao Red Star Chemical Group)] relocated the first of several plants from Qingdao, in Shandong Province, to the town of Anju...[and discharge i]ndustrial waste from the plants...into nearby lakes and rivers...Hongdie was required to build a treatment plant so its industrial waste would no longer pour directly into the Huai Yun Lake, which residents use for drinking water and irrigation,...and the company has balked at complying.

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