[PDF] Something for everyone

Author: Ashwini Sukthankar for International Centre for Trade Union Rights, Published on: 30 December 2012

In the first years of Ruggie’s mandate...activists...were concerned that his ‘Respect, Protect and Remedy’ framework, presented to the Human Rights Council...presented lofty rhetoric but no concrete plan of action...[A]s the mandate was renewed, with the goal of ‘operationalising’ the framework, many NGOs...chose to treat Ruggie’s Guiding Principles as an opportunity...From the perspective of our more fragmented advocacy universe there was...a little something for everyone. Ruggie’s reports and Guiding Principles are a Rorschach blot of solutions, and we have seen in them what we want to see...With respect to the concrete uses of Ruggie, however, it is almost certainly too soon to judge. [Refers to Walmart, Shell, Jackson Lewis]

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