[PDF] SRPP Guide: Ensuring socially responsible public procurement [Norway]

Author: Norwegian Agency for Public Management & eGovernment, Published on: 14 November 2012

This SRPP [Socially Responsible Public Procurement] guide aims to help public procurers to set and monitor standards for decent working conditions at the production sites where the goods procured for public sector is manufactured by offering a step-by-step approach to include SRPP requirements in the procurement process of the public contracting authority...When you will procure high risk products, there are various opportunities for including demands for decent working conditions into public procurements...Requirements that are made in the form of SRPP contract performance clauses should be followed up on in the contract period...A corrective action plan should be created for suppliers reporting unsatisfactory on socially responsible production measures, or who provide incomplete or unclear information...Inspections may be relevant in cases where there are unsatisfactory results from the corrective action plan.

**This report is no longer available, anskaffelser.no has asked us to direct users to Socially Responsible Public Procurement - Information in English. See link below**


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