[PDF] State Responsibilities to Regulate and Adjudicate Corporate Activities under the United Nations’ core Human Rights Treaties - Individual report on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Author: Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, prepared for UN Special Representative John Ruggie, Published on: 1 June 2007

[The UN Human Rights] Committee has increasingly thought about and provided guidance concerning States Parties’ duties in relation to corporate activities. It is clear that it considers States Parties to have a duty to act with due diligence to prevent, punish, investigate and redress private abuse of all rights capable of being violated by private actors. And it has discussed this duty in the context of corporate activities on numerous occasions. At the very least it is clear that the HRC views this duty as applying to protect individuals within States Parties’ territory or jurisdiction... [refers to Human Rights Committee Decisions involving Société Hôtelière Rivnac, Qantas]

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