[PDF] [Statements of Norway, UK, Ecuador delegations at UN Human Rights Council]

Author: Delegations of Norway, UK, Ecuador, Published on: 16 June 2011

- [Norway:] "I have the honour to introduce draft resolution L.17, entitled Human Rights and Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises on behalf of...[the] main sponsors, Argentina, India, Nigeria, the Russian Federation and...Norway...The draft resolution...seeks to endorse the Guiding Principles. This will...[establish] a common global platform for action, on which cumulative progress can be built...without foreclosing any other promising long-term developments...To consolidate the work and achievements to date, the resolution proposes to establish a Working Group for a period of three years on the issue of [business & human rights]...[The] resolution also seeks to establish an Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights..."
- UK General Comment... "The UK...fully endorses the conceptual framework set out in [the] Guiding Principles...[However] the Principles do not all necessarily reflect the current state of international law...In particular,...the UK...does not consider that there is a general State duty to protect under the core United Nations human rights treaties, nor that such a duty is generally agreed to exist as a matter of customary international law..."

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