[PDF] Supporting Worker Empowerment - Including Support for Workers’ Assertion of their Human Rights - in the Supply Chain

Author: Katie Plichta, Dimitri Phillips, and other Members of the Stanford Colloquium on International Business Practices, under the direction of Stanford Prof. Chip Pitts, in collaboration with Cody Sisco and Blythe Chorn of Business for Social Responsibility and with input from the Global Compact Human Rights Working Group and Supply Chain Advisory Group., Published on: 1 December 2012

This Note is focused on what businesses can do to better support workers in their supply chain, including through supporting workers’ assertion of their human rights. As such, it is relevant to both the corporate responsibility to respect human rights and the corporate commitment to support human rights...Freedom of association is a crucial enabler of workers being able to assert their full set of rights relevant to the workplace...This Note explores some of the good practices, advantages and pitfalls related to working with suppliers and other stakeholders, especially trade unions, to support workers in the supply chain, including in assertion of their human rights.

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