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[PDF] Sustainable Contracts: Concept’s outlines and exploration tracks [submission to John Ruggie, UN Special Representative on business & human rights]

Author: Yann Queinnec, Director, Sherpa, Published on: 1 January 2010

...We are witnessing today numerous contracts between private partners of which effects on social and environmental fields depend upon the public interest... The lack of international consensus, on which the recent stage report of Prof. John Ruggie focuses, does not give any sign of hope of adopting international conventional tools on the subject before a long time. In this context, the Sherpa association considers that a specific and original juridical tool should be developed in that sense. Its objective would focus on translating the new borders of the public interest - induced by the ever-growing intervention of private operators - into international contractual obligations. The concept of the sustainable contract, of which we describe the outline hereinafter, aims at giving answers which could form a relevant synthesis between typical CSR soft and hard-law tools.

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