[PDF] The Business of Peace: The Private Sector as a Partner in Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Author: Jane Nelson/ Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum [now International Business Leaders Forum], International Alert, Council on Economic Priorities, Published on: 1 January 2000

The private sector…has a role in contributing – both directly and indirectly – to the prevention and resolution of violent conflict…The purpose of this report is to review these issues and linkages and to provide a framework for understanding both the positive and negative roles that business can play in situations of conflict…[P]ractical examples illustrate how companies can contribute to conflict prevention, crisis management, and post conflict reconstruction and reconciliation…[T]welve dilemmas or management challenges covered in the report are…
- Dealing with repressive regimes
- Benefiting from ‘war economies’
- Developing a nation’s strategic assets
- Managing security arrangements
- Facilitating or facing criminal activities
- Tackling corruption
- Supporting humanitarian relief operations
- Engaging in diplomacy and peacemaking
- Rebuilding trust
- Creating cross-sector dialogue and partnership
- Ensuring accountability
- Limiting the means to wage war
[refers to AGRIMO company, Azteca Trading Co, Benetton, British Telecommunications, British Petroleum, Chevron, De Beers, Enron, Inmarsat, Lonrho, Microsoft, Moshe & Ali’s Sprat’s, Premier Oil, Rio Tinto, Shell, Statoil, Talisman Energy, Unocal, WAFA, WMC]

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