[PDF] The flow of palm oil Colombia-Belgium/Europe - A study from a human rights perspective

Author: Fidel Mingorance, Conducted by Human Rights Everywhere for Coordination Belge pour la Colombie-Belgische Coordinatie voor Colombia (CBC), Published on: 1 November 2006

[Contents include foreword by Jean Ziegler (United Nations special rapporteur on the right to food), The Colombian palm oil chain, The flow of palm oil: Colombia-Belgium / Europe, Mapping of violations of human rights and other fundamental rights in the palm production regions of Colombia, From the paramilitary attack to the plantation, Land appropriation, Forced Displacement, Paramilitary Demobilisation, Drugs trade, Trade unionism and working conditions, Black Communities, Environmental Impacts in the Pacific region, Indigenous peoples, From the Colombian plantations to the Belgian markets, The need for a comprehensive certification system, Conclusions. Also refers to Urapalma, Palmas Del Curvaradó, Palmadó, La Tukeka, Inversiones Fregni Ochoa, Inversiones Agropalma & Cia, Palmas, Palmura, Promotora Palmera Del Curvaradó, Palmas Del Atrato, Selva Húmeda, Asibicón, Indupalma, Asociación De Pequeños Cultivadores De Palma De Aceite En El Urabá]

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