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[PDF] The Potential of Peoples’ Tribunals in Latin America to Pressure TNCs into Adopting Human Rights Responsibilities

Author: Dr. Marcelo Saguier, Latin America School of Social Sciences (FLACSO), Published on: 1 March 2010

The PPT [Permanent Peoples Tribunal] process has positioned grassroots struggles against corporate power in Latin America…As international opinion tribunals, PPTs expose patterns of corporate irresponsibility towards human rights…In addition, the PPTs also contribute to the transformation of international norms and institutions for regulating transnational business…This is done by challenging the legitimacy of the voluntary principle at the core of the [corporate social responsibility] approach…[S]ome of the cases presented at the Lima and Colombia PPTs evidence…regimes of impunity, which link public institutions and corporations within and across national borders. [T]he PPT process in Latin America [has also created] advocacy opportunities…[which] add to the unification of common criteria to monitor cases of TNC rights violations, generate and systematise evidence, and develop a common legal rationality among regionally located social organisations. [Refers to: Anglo American, Bayer, BHP Billiton, Camposol, Cermaq Mainstream, Chiquita, Dole, Dow Agro, EcoPetrol, Fenosa, JPMorgan Chase, Oxy, Shell Oil, Skanska, Thyssen Krupp, Xstrata, Union Fenosa, Repsol]

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