[PDF] The Ubuntu declaration for a just and sustainable world economy

Author: The Rights and Humanity Emergency Congress, Published on: 23 February 2009

We invite leaders from the public, private and civil society sectors to join us in signing this Ubuntu Declaration which celebrates and reaffirms our interdependence and the principle of cooperation so vital for building a just and equitable world economy…At Doha, 2008, states agreed that facilitating a well functioning, socially responsible private sector is a valuable instrument for generating growth and reducing poverty…Good practice examples: [C]orporate social responsibility and the triple bottom line business model…such as the model pioneered by the Body Shop [part of l'Oréal]…[S]ocial business enterprises, such as the partnership between the Grameen Group and Groupe Danone…[I]nnovative public/private partnerships such as that between the UN and pharmaceutical companies…

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