[PDF] Toolkit to address child labour in the agricultural sector in Egypt

Author: Save the Children, Published on: 1 January 2011

The overall objective of this toolkit is to improve conditions for working children by increasing awareness and understanding of child labour issues in Egypt...[It] is aimed at companies, large and small, in the agricultural sector with specific reference to the agricultural sector in Egypt...[and] provides companies in the agricultural sector with practical and achievable guidance on how to: provide the best possible work conditions for children, treat children in ways that respect and support their rights, [and] identify and address child labour...An estimated 70% [of child labourers in Egypt]...are found in the agricultural sector. They often work long hours in harsh conditions, they are mostly underpaid and can be at risk of physical and humiliating punishment. [Refers to Centre Egyptien de Legumes et Fruits and JANA Company Farm]

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