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[PDF] Voluntary Principles Strategy 2013-2016

Author: Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights , Published on: 1 January 2013

Voluntary Principles Participants aim to: promote the provision of security in a manner that respects human rights; continue to focus on implementing the principles on the ground; increase host government and country outreach; increase the number of Participants in the Initiative; and improve accountability...[T]he Voluntary Principles Initiative needs to: increase its positive impact on the ground; demonstrate its benefits and outcomes; 3. leverage peer review as a way of identifying and sharing good practices and addressing challenges; 4. encourage Participants to report within the Voluntary Principles Initiative and publicly, as applicable, on their performance; encourage engagement, particularly by governments, with high-level public security officials and public security related ministries on the Voluntary Principles in countries where extraction occurs; expand membership in the Initiative with particular focus on adding governments from resource extraction countries; study and evaluate the consistency of the U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the Voluntary Principles Initiative; further increase cooperation among companies, governments and NGOs and other stakeholders as appropriate; and clarify roles and responsibilities of members of each Pillar.

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